Volunteering at Chitrakoot

Whatever your skills are – there is a need for them. Our existing volunteers encompass quite a wide range of disciplines. Volunteers also teach each other new skills and this is part of the challenge. The unit employs full time local trained staff so there is continuity of care, language support and an opportunity to see particularly ayurvedic (herbal) medicine at work. The resident staff welcome the chance to learn new skills and ideas from volunteers.

The department in Chitrakoot is well equipped by Kavo and includes Xray and haematology investigation on site. Three surgeries and a consulting room are on site and patients travel large distances to be seen.

Out “on location” the resident staff are particularly adept at setting up a three sun -lounger surgery in a village complete with comprehensive equipment and all under a tree. The patients are delightful friendly children and adults who greatly appreciate the service you provide. The welcome is heart warming and work really becomes fun. A hundred or so patients can be expected at most village surgeries, the numbers swelled by many onlookers including cows, buffalo, monkeys, and the odd parrot. The school children have the day off and are organised to sing and dance as a welcome.

A graduate couple, who are a husband and wife team, organise things and translate and make any announcements needed. They are also the means of communication between villages about the timing of our visits and make sure it all runs very smoothly.
Whilst the volunteer emphasis is on clinical activity there is a need for persons with other skills to help in the DRI (research institute) teaching health and hygiene, English language and many other skills. One of our most popular volunteers taught welding and retirement is no bar to joining.

If you want to do something really worthwhile and rewarding and very different with you skills, this is the place to visit.


Volunteers are required to fund their own travel, food and accommodation costs but apart from the airfare, these are relatively low (approximately £70 per week) including full board and lodging to Western standards. Chitrakoot is vegetarian and teetotal which of course helps with economy, liver care and detoxing!

Before you go

If you are considering going we do hold pre-visit briefings, a chance to meet those who have gone before, and an opportunity to become part of a developing family of highly motivated professionals. Please feel free to contact any of the Trustees for further advice.

Student Electives

New regulations being put forward by the universities, for Clinical Elective Study, require that the Chitrakoot Charity in India follows UK Health and Safety Regulations for Workplace Activity. We are unable to meet these requirements in a number of respects and must therefore regretfully withdraw the facility for student visits. Once graduated and professional in their own right, you are welcome to apply for volunteer work.