Video: Plastic Surgery Camp – December 2015

In December, a group of doctors, dentists, nurses and carers travelled to India to run the Chitrakoot Project Charity UK’s 4th successful plastic surgery camp. Over 70 cleft and burns procedures were performed over two weeks and the local children and adults who were treated were incredibly grateful for the opportunity to live a normal life – it means the world to them. A huge thank you to the GB Foundation who sponsored this trip, all the volunteers who paid their own expenses and of course to our many continued supporters.

We also launched the start of building work to extend the nearby Krishna Devi Girls’ School. It was a great pleasure to see that once this work is complete, these girls will have a much better environment to learn. We do still need support to complete the building work, so if you’d like to help – please send a donation through Paypal at the bottom of this page.

Watch the video of the plastic surgery camp in Chitrakoot in December 2015

DSC07455  DSC07476

Volunteers and the launch of building work at Krishna Devi Girls’ School

Kalmatiya scars Chitrakoot 2015  IMG_0086

Before and after burn surgery

DSC06883  IMG_0042
Before and after cleft surgery