Could Khushi Baby be the answer?

Roughly three million children die each year of vaccine preventable diseases with vast wholesale jerseys majority of them residing in low and low middle income countries. The country of the size of India with vast geographical diversities makes this task more tedious; cheap nfl jerseys require better management and of course constant innovation. So has Khushi Baby found the answer?

Vaccine coverage in India is also far from complete despite the long standing commitment with the universal dojo immunization coverage. Routine cheap jerseys Immunization (RI) is a long complicated process, need trained health worker, maintaining the cheap Cleveland Browns jerseys required supply chain of vaccines; people have to come to the facility Govindbhai instead of 2004 doing it recién door-to-door, required community based mobilization and keeping track of each children for a considerable period of time period.

Khushi Baby has cheap NBA jerseys designed Witamy. a bracelet and a mobile app which can digitize vaccination records in even the remotest areas of the the world. By streamlining and digitizing data collection, we hope to provide governments and NGOs with a powerful tool to improve their vaccination programs.

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